More than just carpet cleaning in Bromley

Carpet cleaning prices
starting from £49.

The solid dirt particles and the crumbs are not a problem for the “good old vacuum cleaner”. It has always been there for you and you still count on it very much. But look at your carpets and rugs more carefully! Do you notice the stains? Yes, they are still there and they start to annoy you, don’t they? Don’t blame yourself or your kids for the spills, you can’t prevent everything!

Carpet Cleaners Bromley

In this situation, you need professional help to deal with the cheeky spots. Carpet cleaning Bromley is the solution of your problem. The best part is that you don’t have to move your carpets and rugs even a single centimeter. If you rely on us to perform steam or dry cleaning every once in a while, you will enjoy flawless carpets and rugs.

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Our experts will apply techniques that guarantee great results. Forget about the grime and the germs embedded into the material and destroying it little by little! Except the successful removal of the stubborn dirt and the annoying stains, your carpets will be protected from loosening. We treat every fabric the proper way in order to protect its fibers. When it comes to carpet cleaning, Bromley cleaners hold everything under control.

Efficient cleaning techniques, applied by high-tech machinery and experienced personnel!

Carpet Cleaning
  • Steam cleaning - this amazing technique is based on the steam heat extraction method. Right after the treatment with our special machine, called Ninja, your regular fabrics (such as synthetics) will be clean and hygienic. The soil and the microbes don’t have a chance to survive. They will remise place to the freshness and the impeccable appearance, it seems fair like that. The magic hides in the injection of a strong mixture of hot water and special harmless detergent into the carpet material. This happens under high pressure. Right after that, the new solution, containing the dirt, is vacuumed back. The carpet is usable almost immediately.

Steam carpet cleaning is a fail-safe system!
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  • Dry cleaning - don’t worry that you possess delicate materials which can’t be cleaned at all. In such cases, Bromley Cleaners apply a special compound similar to bran. The specific substance is spread evenly over the material and its role is to provoke a chemical reaction and to pull out all the “uninvited guests”. Thus the struggle is won again. Seagrass, jute or sisal - not a problem for us. This method is completely safe for the fabric and it guarantees fascinating results.

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defeat the stains on the delicate materials!

Take it easy! No foam, no hoses, no detergents! Just Bromley Cleaners!

Carpet Cleaning

There is no need to advertise you the numerous profits of our services. Once you try our carpet cleaning Bromley, you’ll become our regular and satisfied client.

In order to enjoy our stunning results longer, request Scotchgard Protector! It will be applied on your already deeply cleaned carpets to protect them from fast absorption!

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Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • A small rug/carpet £22.00
  • A large rug/carpet £39.00

Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

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If you have to cancel or reschedule the service, please do so at least 24 hours prior to the cleaning appointment. Failure to contact us on time will result in a cancellation fee equivalent to £50.00. Same applies if there is no one to let the cleaners in or there is no water or electricity access.

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Telephone: 020 8114 9191